KidSave Pie Baking Extravangza in Los Angeles, CA


Back in November, we had the wonderful opportunity of working with KidSave, a non-profit charity that works to connect foster children with parents around the world.  They called upon us to host a Pie Baking Extravaganza as a way for the children and potentials parents to get to know one another.  Here at The Prince & Pantry, we couldn’t be more proud to extend our services for such a worthwhile cause.  Like we mentioned in our last post, if it’s anything we love more than cooking, it’s having the opportunity to teach others about cooking as well.  Or in this case baking.

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Working with a group of 50 was no easy task but our little helpers turned out to be all great sous chefs.  We can’t even count the pounds of apples these kids helped us peel for all of their apple pies.  Here our sous chef, Shefali is cutting the apples that the children helped peel down to size.  And yes, those are squeeze bottles of caramel, peanut butter sauce, butterscotch sauce, & chocolate fudge.  We aren’t messing around with these pies.  I can’t promise that all of those sauces made it into the actual pies.

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Here one of the kids is stirring their sliced apples with caramel.  The easiest way to make a caramel apple pie. What’s not to like about this?  We definitely got some serious bakers and creative visionaries on our hands with this group of bright children.

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A quick look at the pie before we seal it up with the top layer of pie crust.  It looks like a lot but apples shrink a lot when they bake.  Besides, what’s the point in being shy with the apples in an apple pie.  We should name this the mile high apple pie.  It rhymes and it’s a pretty catchy name.

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The children were free to customized their pies with cutouts out of their favorite shapes and letters.  This one has two adorable little hearts sitting next to each other.  Notice the deftly crimped edges.  We’re telling you, we got some master bakers in this lot of kids.  Should one of them become a famous chef, we’ll take some credit.

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In addition to the apples we made, we also taught the kids to make a couple of no-bake pies.  These pies are perfect if you don’t feel like waiting for your pie to bake.  Children and waiting don’t really belong together anyway.  So this no-bake banana cream pie was just the perfect thing.

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