Ladies’ Night Cooking Class in Costa Mesa, CA


If it’s one thing we love here, it’s great food and even greater company.  After taking one of our cooking classes, one of our past student decided to get all her girlfriends together for a Ladies’ Night Cooking Class. With wine in tow, we knew this was going to be a fun class.

As with all of our cooking classes, we pride ourselves on the in-depth instruction we provide while teaching students to be confident and capable in the kitchen. Every student gets plenty of hands-on cooking experience under the careful supervision of our chefs to help put together a full meal from start to finish.  In fact, we guarantee there will be leftovers. 

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We covered a lot of delicious recipes in this class that wouldn’t destroy the waistline.  Here our students are preparing their berries for a sauce to top our healthy take on panna cotta. Instead of all the heavy cream, we swapped most of it out for rich and creamy non-fat Greek yogurt.  This was the first dish we tackled since it was going to need the full length of the class to set.

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While we were waiting on the panna cotta to set, we got right to work on our cider glazed sweet potatoes.  This meant peeling lots of sweet potatoes.  Our ladies loved this recipe because it was so easy but tasted so incredible.  No more sticky sweet potato side dishes on the table  this year.

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Our Executive Sous Chef, Amy, is overseeing the ladies through the ultimate kitchen skill: multitasking! Here the ladies are also working on our irresistible baked kale chips while their berry sauce for the panna cotta is reducing away.  Whew! It can be a little overwhelming to work on multiple dishes at the same time, but with Amy’s help, these ladies made it look easy.

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Getting a béchamel just right means making sure the temperature isn’t too high.  By the looks of it, our students have definitely mastered the trick of a gentle simmer.  Swiss and Parmesan cheese get stirred in before being poured over Brussels sprouts and cauliflower for a quick and easy vegetable au gratin.  Let’s be honest, even as adults, who doesn’t like a little (okay, a lot) of cheese on their vegetables.

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If it’s one thing all of our ladies left feeling super confident about, it was cooking fish.  When asked, the ladies all agreed, getting fish just right wasn’t as easy at it seems.  Chef Amy had a few tricks up her sleeves to relieve these ladies of those fears.  I mean look at how fearless our students are searing off their fish.  Does that look like a women that fears fish anymore? I didn’t think so.

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Once the fish was perfectly cooked, we topped it off with one of our favorite sauces, an Italian salsa verde.  A blend of zesty herbs and olive oil that whips together faster than the fish itself makes for a quick dinner idea that definitely does not skimp on flavor. A hefty squeeze of lemon finished off the fish before we dug into the fruits of our labor.  Everyone agreed, the fish was perfect.

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And what a better way than to finish off the class than with dessert.  That sauce that was reducing away earlier?  It’s generously topping the silky Greek yogurt panna cotta.  Even though we made sure everyone made enough to take home, I’m not sure how many of these actually made it home.  Husbands, if you’re reading this and didn’t get a chance to try it, we all know what happened.

Another class.  Another group of successful students.  We ate. We drank.  We ate some more.  What should have felt like a class ended up feeling like an old group of friends just getting together.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your friends together and let’s get cooking. Check out our calendar of cooking classes and sign-up today.  There’s plenty of great food to be had and we’ll teach you how to have it. 

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