Ladies’ Night Cooking Class in Costa Mesa, CA

If it’s one thing we love here, it’s great food and even greater company. ¬†After taking one of our cooking classes, one of our past student decided to get all her girlfriends together for a Ladies’ Night Cooking… Read More

Fresh & Fit (1 of 8)

Fresh & Fit Cooking Class at The Hood Kitchen Space in Costa Mesa, CA

Fresh & Fit (1 of 8)

We are so excited to share that this past weekend we taught our very first public cooking class at The Hood Kitchen Space in Costa Mesa, CA. We have been using The Hood Kitchen Space as a home base for our catering kitchen for some time and finally was able to host a cooking class in their amazing studio space.

Teaching a cooking class is something our team has been wanting to do for quite some time. When Dane, a master trainer from The 12, a fitness center in Irvine, CA reached out to us about doing a class, we said yes! With his input and suggestion, we put together a menu of healthy dishes that was easy enough for all our students to make at home in very little time.